恋愛の大饗宴 (Banquet of Love) 6:30 | Japan | 2014 | Stereo | Super 8 | Direct Film

Insects in their final moments chatter noisily, displaying extravagant colors and patterns – it is their great feast of love. This work was assembled by Haruka Mitani and Michael Lyons to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Norman McLaren’s birth. The film was made by scratching and painting directly on overexposed 8mm film. The soundtrack was created using photosensors connected to an analogue synthesizer. A demo of the system is available here:

Stills (click to enlarge):

rnd_frame_2s_pb rnd_frame_3s_pb rnd_frame_1s_pb

312号室 (Room 312) 15:35 | Japan | 2013 | Stereo | SD Digital Video

This short film features several people who stay successively in a typical room in a Japanese business hotel. The film exhibits a fascination with with patterns of human movement and behaviour in an unremarkable situation from everyday life.

Stills (click to enlarge):

r312_still_7 r312_still_3 r312_still_2

うごめき (Wriggle) 3:39 | Japan | 2012 | Silent | Super 8 | Hand developed in caffenol

This silent 8mm short was filmed in 2012 and hand-developed using Caffenol, a home-made developer based on instant coffee and vitamin C.

Stills (click to enlarge):

ugomeki_3 ugomeki_1 ugomeki_2

Metamorphose 7:47 | Japan | 2012 | Silent | Super 8 | Hand developed in caffenol

Having wavered in her thoughts a young girl establishes in her new self, a chrysalis. The girl, who has now hatched and transformed herself into a butterfly, dances wildly. This silent short was filmed in 8mm in Kyoto during the summer of 2012, and hand-developed using Caffenol, a home-made vitamin C and instant coffee-based developer.

Stills (click to enlarge):

metamorphose_still_3 metamorphose_still_2 metamorphose_still_1

Caffenol – 8:08 | Japan | 2011 | Silent | Super 8 | Hand developed in caffenol

Visionaries intoxicated by the smell of coffee start to dream, and eventually end up sinking into a bottomless black sea. This silent short was filmed in 8mm during the director’s first visit to Europe in the summer of 2011, and hand-developed using a homemade coffee-based developer. Colours were added by painting directly onto the film.

Stills (click to enlarge):

caffenol_still5_pb caffenol_still4_pb caffenol_still_pb






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